The Creator Economy is growing faster than ever

With the ability to instantly access billions of people and monetize their channels, it comes as no surprise that we are witnessing the revolutionary rise of the ‘Creator Economy’. It’s never been easier to create and launch videos, podcasts, apps, websites, livestreams etc,…so why is it still so hard to find the right music? That’s why we developed Soundtracks, a platform which allows creators and teams to use our growing Royalty-Free music catalog for a simple monthly payment. In addition, now anyone can use our Music Engine to easily customize and adapt music to fit perfectly with their digital project. Designed by creators, for creators.

With the rise of Roblox, Minecraft and the huge investments underway by Facebook, Google and others to create a virtual world experience, the attention economy will undoubtedly shift as immersive reality becomes more mainstream. The days of being a passive consumer are long gone, and in the new digital landscapes of the future, we are enticed to become active participants who have the power to shape, customise and adapt the experience not only for ourselves, but also for others. By definition, the Metaverse will require music to be as easily modified as its virtual avatars are to create. Loudly is starting to design an Adaptive Music Engine to fulfil the needs of both developers and consumers, giving them the power to easily generate customizable music experiences with complete freedom.


The Metaverse is coming and it needs adaptive music


Music Creators can now tap into the power of AI

In 1991, the first Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) software was launched. This small event ushered in the Digital Music era which we know and understand today. Overnight, anyone with a laptop could download affordable software and start producing high quality music at home. By 2020, the figures are staggering – an estimated 100M creators around the world are making music on their laptops and mobile phones and uploading 50K tracks per day to music streaming sites! This evolution tells us one thing: technology has the power to democratize access to music creation. AI-powered music software will increase creativity and productivity by a factor of 10; we predict that the number of music creators (amateur, semi-pro and pro) will increase to 1B people by 2030. We also believe that AI Music creation software will create a new level playing field, where human ingenuity, talent and creativity will reach new heights. We’re thrilled to be at the forefront of this wave and commit to keeping the Creator at the heart of our mission.