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Easily generate, download and import instrument stems directly into your Digital Audio Workstation or video editing software to mix and modify without limits! Loudly now offers the possibility for you to either generate new stems with AI or to download stems from our existing catalog of amazing royalty-free songs. So whether you want that perfect beat for a new track or an ominous synth line to accompany your video scene, Loudly’s stems offer limitless options to enhance your musical creativity.


What are stems?

Music stems are the vital components that form the backbone of every musical composition. In essence, music stems are individual audio tracks - such as vocals, drums, bass, and more, isolated from the entire song. These stems grant you unprecedented access to the very core of each composition, empowering you with unmatched creative possibilities.

Download music stems

Downloading music stems from Loudly is your gateway to getting that unique, highly-personalized sound. Uncover the secrets behind your favorite tunes, dissect every layer, and comprehend the artistry of music on an entirely new level. Whether you're a music producer, a musician, or a video creator, our downloadable stems offer unmatched advantages that will elevate your craft to unparalleled heights.

With Loudly's stem downloads you'll experience a universe of creative freedom. Follow your imagination as you import instrument stems directly into your preferred Digital Audio Workstation or video editing software and feel the magic of mixing, tweaking, and customizing tracks, molding them to fit your artistic vision.


Welcome to the next era
 of musical innovation

Loudly stands as the pioneer of the future of music, offering downloadable stems that unlock endless creative possibilities. With our platform and features like the AI Music Generator, a vast royalty-free music catalog, an AI song recommender based on your video description, and a music customizer for complete personalization, Loudly redefines the way you experience and create music.

Unleash your full creative potential with Loudly's downloadable stems today. Subscribe now and take the first step towards a world of endless musical expression.