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AI composed music allows creators and machines to work alongside each other to create beautiful compositions

AI Music Generator is the leading artificial intelligence music composer software, but it requires a human collaborator in order to produce new musical pieces.

We are on the edge of a new technology revolution. We have seen AI-driven developments from AI companies across various industries, from healthcare to the arts. AI composed music has been in development in different ways since 1951, but the most exciting use for it depends on the human collaborator as much as the AI composer.

Artificial intelligence music composers can be trained to compose in different ways, but the most effective model is based off of the machine-learning software, Experiments in Music Intelligence (EMI). EMI was a breakthrough artificial intelligence music composer technology developed in 1980. The computer was trained on the style of a certain composer, and then used that information to output a new piece of experimental music in the style of that composer. Once it was trained to create a Bach-style composition. When the Bach-style composition and a true piece of music by Bach were performed side-by-side by a professional orchestra, the audience couldn’t tell the difference.

AI Music Generator is a machine learning mechanism capable of creating impressive pieces of music. By working with the AI Music Generator to create a Cinematic piece, we’ve co-created this stellar soundtrack ideal for chase scenes, building tension, or powerful dramatic moments. Modern synths and heavy drums provide an epic, modern take on an classically cinematic sound.

Black Hole Pursuit: Sci-fi synths and cinematic drums intertwine in this percussion-heavy soundtrack, perfect for raising tension or following a chase scene:

AI Music Generator takes things one step further by the digital performance of our AI composed music. Our artificial intelligence music composer is trained off of thousands of songs, and is told which moods, energy levels, genres, instruments, and eras correspond with each song. The AI composer builds new tracks out of different instrumental segments, or stems, from this library of music. The options for AI music composers to select loops from these stems is endless, and things could easily get messy and muddled: if it weren’t for the AI music composer’s human counterpart.

Out AI app remains a human-driven music production interface, where the artificial intelligence music composer is directed by a human collaborator. Even someone with little to no experience in music production can create unique, high quality music by directing the AI music producer.

This revolutionary invention will open the doors of music production to thousands of creatives, giving them the tools to execute their ideas. Prepare yourselves for a creative revolution, with tracks being created in new genres, blending old and new for a new frontier of AI composed music.

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