Leading artificial intelligence startups are revolutionizing the music industry

Artificial intelligence companies are relatively new to the music industry. Music technology advancements either come as slow newcomers or quick disruptors. Artificial intelligence startups are looking more and more like quick disruptors, with technology like our AI Music Studio app leading the way.

Most artificial intelligence companies that make it to the news are those which are working in a broader spectrum of industries, or in more everyday commercial goods. Self-driving cars, robots, and healthcare advancements are all created by long standing artificial intelligence companies. However, the space that is more interesting for creators and creatives are the uses of AI for the arts, which are coming from ground breaking new artificial intelligence startups.

💥The following track, Knock Knock, was created by AI Music Studio, our artificial intelligence-driven music creation studio. After directing the machine learning program on which genre, moods, and energy levels to take on, the AI outputs this piece.

Distant disco influences echo throughout this tech-house track, which crosses the old and the new with mystical synths, creative percussion patterns, and old-school vocal samples. "Keep Looking" , "Alright" add a particularly human touch to this AI-collaborative track:

Loudly, with the app AI Music Studio, is an artificial intelligence startup and we are on a fast track to become one of the leading artificial intelligence companies in the music industry. The app uses a library of thousands of loops, hand-tagged by mood, genre, energy level, instrument, and even era, to train an AI Music Studio user.

The creative process is left up to the human co-creator, while the music production is done by the machine learning enabled music studio AI. This means that the parts of music that are intrinsically human, like mood and energy level, are still directed by the creator. The AI counterpart simply finds stems to match these moods and builds them the way the creator wants.

It’s an amazing opportunity for creatives with little to no production experience to create musically advanced tracks which blend genres, moods, and energy levels in ways we have never seen before. AI Music Studio is the first artificial intelligence startup that will revolutionize music production by making it accessible to millions of people - Don’t miss this opportunity to let your creative side try it’s hand at producing amazing music.

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